Attention to go customers.

We do not accept any

delivery services such as DoorDash, 

Grubhub or Uber Eats 

(even though their website may)


(From Robata Grill)

*Available on Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays only

-Japanese A5 Wagyu 
3 ways special $125 (nigiri, sashimi, thick cut)
2 skewers $25
Tataki $45

-Lollipop Lamb Chops $22

(From Sushi Bar)
-Bluefin Tuna Deluxe

-Giant Clam

-Sea Urchin
-Monkey Balls $8
(Stuffed mushrooms with jalapeño, cream cheese, scallops, tuna and crab mix)

(From Bar)
-Cucumber Smash $12
(Crop cucumber vodka, fresh cucumber, lime juice and topped off with carbonated water)

-Dalmore 12 Years Sherry Cask $20

(From Kitchen)
-Bone Marrows $18 
(Served with focaccia bread and pickled onion & garlic)

-Fried Oysters $18
(Pacific oysters lightly panko and deep fried)

-Fujinana $12 (4pc)
(Wonton chip sprinkled with brown sugar and top with candied banana and ice cream)