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Tamari, the English translation meaning "gathering place", is a fine dining Japanese restaurant.  We celebrate exquisite cuisine and premium spirits in a communal atmosphere evoking the spirit of an Izakaya (Japanese pub) from the streets of Tokyo.  Our passion is to provide an authentic Izakaya experience and first class hospitality.

Our customers have a variety of choices, from traditional Japanese cuisine to contemporary creations; unique appetizers, elegant selections of fresh raw fish prepared by one of our master sushi chefs, along with Asian dishes with western influences, all specially prepared.

Tamari specializes in Robatayaki (robot-uh-yah-key).  In Japanese culture "robata" means fireside, a hearth considered the heart of the house.  Used for cooking, it opens the home to friends as a communal gathering place where conversations begin and memories are born or rekindled.  Robata is a rustic and traditional form of Japanese grilling over charcoal that embodies everything that Japanese cooking is all about: sublime cuisine through humble means.  Because there are few sauces or condiments to hide behind, robata grilling, like Japanese cuisine itself, demands the finest ingredients.  We take pride in providing the freshest vegetables and seafood, the finest cuts of beef and fowl, and our house-made sauces.

We are a full liquor bar, specializing in a wide variety of world renowned whiskies from Japan, Ireland, Scotland, Canada, and the United States.  You can also enjoy one of our Hand Crafted Signature Cocktails or a  wide selection of craft beers, sakes, wines and premium spirits.  

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